Ancient history

24. The Dilemma of the City of Venice

Last updated:2022-07-25

The history of the settlement of the city of Venice, located in northern Italy, is very interesting and it is completely different from other cities of the world from the point of view of maritime trade to strategic importance. It is a swamp town.

In the 6th century AD, when Atila the Hun started annihilating Italy by setting fire and killing, people from many cities like Rome and others fled towards the Alps mountains located in the north. On the way he saw some islands in the middle of the marshy area on the west bank of the sea. These people hid among the trees growing on these islands to save their children and their own lives from the Huns.

Atila was killed in course of time but these people remained here. These people developed these islands as cities and made canals by bringing sea water to the marshy areas. These canals became the main source of traffic in this city.

Since the city of Venice was located between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires, and being situated on sea islands and surrounded by marshy areas, neither the Western Roman Empire nor the Eastern Roman Empire attempted to subjugate it. Due to this the culture of Venice developed completely independent from Rome and Constantinople. Venetian merchants became famous all over the world.

Their cargo ships started traveling far and wide in the seas, due to which Venice started trading directly with the states located in India and Indonesian islands. This trade made Venice one of the richest cities in the world. Venice also created its own independent navy, on the strength of which the Venetian kingdom was conquered throughout the Adriatic Sea in the eleventh-twelfth century.

Venice was the republic of the rich and its president 'doj' It was called For this reason, when the Turks took control of Palestine and blocked the sea and land trade routes between the Eastern and Western worlds, Venice faced a crisis of survival because the people of this city only depended on trade through sea routes. He was able to build his own economy.

The Republic of Venice did not have enough land to cultivate or set up industry. Venetian merchants began to look for ways to get rid of the Turks. Soon they saw a way out of this problem in the wave of Crusades that broke out in Europe.