world history

  • Soviet agent or Polish patriot?

    What did Gomułka and Khrushchev talk about and could it really end with a stay in Siberia? The thaw that appeared in Poland in 1955 led to a strong unrest not only in Polish society, but also in the Polish United Workers Party itself, in which internal struggles for power continued. The fightin

  • History of Alchemy

    Even today, many believe that rational thinking was largely responsible for the development of all scientific knowledge accumulated until then. Observation and experiments have helped man to unravel the great unknowns of nature. In this sense, it is customary to observe the natural sciences (Biology

  • Kellermann François Etienne Christophe (1735 -1820)

    A 15-year-old soldier, Kellermann willingly got involved in the Revolution. He is under the orders of Dumouriez, one of the winners of Valmy. He distinguished himself during the battle by standing up to the Prussians of Brunswick. Imprisoned under the Terror, he was reinstated in the Alps and in Ita

  • "Father Satan"... The Croatian executioner of the death camps

    Miroslav Filipović was born in Bosnia in 1915. Little is known about his life. He was of Croatian origin. In 1938 he became a monk of the Franciscan order and received the name Tomislav. When he completed his theological studies, he joined, in January 1942, the Ustasi, Pavelics infamous Croatian org

  • The 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn

    On that day, the 7th Cavalry it was not organized as it had been when it left Fort Lincoln the previous month, with four battalions of three companies spread over two wings. A few days ago, and after the relative fiasco of the expedition to the Tongue River by the left wing of the 7th under Major Re

  • Invention of the wheel (Sumer, around -3500)

    Around 3500 BC, the sumerians used logs to move heavy stones. They then had the idea of ​​making a hole in the center of a round shape and placing an axle there:this was the invention of the wheel , on which our whole civilization will be built. The wheels were initially solid structures but they gr