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Jinnah used to humiliate Gandhi and Nehru in public forums!

Last updated:2022-07-25

The future father of Pakistan was painted in English colors

In the brief period from AD 1934 to AD 1947, Jinnah and Gandhi were considered political enemies of each other on the sky of Indian politics. Gandhiji was completely painted in Indian colour, such a comet of politics that no other man in the world could match, then Jinnah was completely colored in the color of Englishism.

Gandhi must have remembered more verses of the Quran than Jinnah. Despite this, Jinnah's success was unmatched because the Muslims whom he had won the hearts of, Jinnah could not even speak his traditional mother tongue Urdu properly. Such was the condition of his pronunciation that once at the end of his speech, 'PACISTAN ZINDABAD' Told. Some journalists gave the meaning of these words 'Pakistan is in bag' While he was 'Pakistan Zindabad' wanted to say.

Jinnah did not tolerate Gandhiji at all

Collins and Lapierre wrote – He refused to accept Gandhiji as a Mahatma and called him a cunning fox, a snake and a Hindu who competes with everyone. Leonard Moseley has written - for Gandhiji he had to say - 'It is impossible to bring this man to any one thing. He is as clever as a snake.'

Jinnah could not tolerate Gandhiji at all. Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre wrote in Freedom at Midnight - 'Gandhi once went to Jinnah's residence for some talks. After the intermission, Gandhiji lay down on Jinnah's precious Persian carpet and placed soil on his stomach. Jinnah could never forget this scene, could never forgive.

At least twice Jinnah was banished from the public forum of Congress because Congress members wanted Jinnah to address Gandhiji as Mahatma while Jinnah called him 'Mr. Ghandhi' Used to address by saying only.

Jinnah did not want to see Pandit Nehru in politics

Larry Collins and Dominic Lapierre write in their book Freedom at Midnight - Jinnah's anger about Jawaharlal Nehru was anger. He used to say about Nehru- 'What is Nehru's work in politics here? Go become a professor of English. Slide. are writers. Entering politics. Arrogant brahmins. He certainly wore the veil of western education, but he is a foolish Hindu from inside.'

Leonard Moseley has written that for Jawaharlal Nehru, Jinnah said - 'The defiant Brahmin who keeps his tricks covered by the veil of Western education. When he promises, he gives up one way or the other, and when he doesn't find a way, he tells a white lie.'

Disciple of Machiavelli

Jinnah was a disciple of Machiavelli in politics, according to which there is never a fixed principle in politics. He kept on changing his principles and demands. Initially he used to ask for separate representation for Muslims in the Legislative Assemblies, then later he insisted on the separation of Sindh and the Frontier Province and wanted to get a third seat in the centre. In the end, he became a supporter of the Partition of India in which he had annexed Sindh and the Frontier Province as well as Punjab, Bengal and Assam.

To obtain Pakistan, he accepted the principle of two-nationalism, but after the formation of Pakistan, he made a statement in favor of secular-nation. A few days later, he started making Pakistan a fanatical-Muslim state. He was opposed to the grouping of the provinces under the proposed Indian Union in the Cabinet Mission, but after becoming the Governor-General of Pakistan, he complained to the US Ambassador that he wanted a common army, free trade and open trade with India. Wants limits.