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The most prominent American president! 35th John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Last updated:2022-07-25

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, has been in the presidency for only two years. Although this is the third shortest record in history, it is still the most memorable president in history, and is definitely one of the top presidents in history.

JFK before becoming president

The Kennedy family is a relatively new family in the United States, a family that emigrated to the United States during the Great Famine in Ireland in the 19th century.

The American ruler has been WASP since the days of Pilgrim Fathers. That is, unless you are white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, you cannot become an American ruler.

To put it a little more, it is basically British, German, etc., and sometimes there are exceptions such as Dutch, Irish is different from the American ruler class, and Kennedy is quite different in that respect as well. It can be said that.

Ireland is an island nation next to Great Britain, England, but it is the land where the Galians who afflicted ancient Rome fled the Anglo-Saxon invasion and settled as Celts, traditionally worshiping Catholicism. It is also a country that has been persecuted and ruled by many British forces, including Oliver Cromwell.

The history of the United States is a continuation of the history of Europe, and the existence of President Kennedy suggests that.

Kennedy's father Joseph P. Kennedy is a businessman who made a huge fortune by successfully importing whiskey and gin in collaboration with the Roosevelt family with the lifting of Prohibition, and he himself is an ambassador to the UK as a member of the Democratic Party. Have experienced such things. But for his father, Joseph, it's more like a person who supported the Democratic Party behind the scenes with huge assets than on the stage. For example, in Franklin Roosevelt's presidential election, he made a big leap, including financial support, and was also close to Republican Rep. McCarthy, who carried out a crazy Communist crackdown called the Red Purge.

Private life is also quite flashy, and it is said that Gloria Swanson, who is famous for "Sunset Boulevard", had an affair with Joseph, and he was doing whatever he wanted with the assets gained in the movie industry, liquor industry, financial industry, etc. That is.

Eventually, however, his lust for honor seemed to have sprung up, giving his own children a harsh education and telling his son to become president.

In fact, Joseph is always behind JFK's presidential election, and in a sense his son was even the puppet.

JFK was born as Joseph's second son. JFK has a brother and is very well done, and Joseph seems to have wanted to make his brother Patrick the president.

John was born a very weak and sickly child.

At the age of 13, he attended a boarding school but ended up returning home due to his illness and homesickness, and his father, Jeff, was forced to attend the same school as his brother.

It seems that his attitude there was not very good from the complex to his brother who can do anything, and he was not able to play an active part satisfactorily because he was sick.

After that, he went to a university in the UK but dropped out due to illness, and then entered Princeton University, but he was also dropped out in about 6 weeks due to health reasons.

At this time, JFK was full of inferiority complex to his brother, his blame for his father, and his awkwardness for himself. He was JFK who had become a mass of so-called inferior consciousness, but it can be said that it is also JFK that he did not collapse here.

He was not just an inferior student. He had an indomitable spirit.

Thanks to the efforts of his father Joseph, JFK managed to enter Harvard University, and although his seating order was almost the lowest at the beginning, his graduation thesis entitled "Munich Reconciliation" on Hitler and Chamberlain was highly evaluated and eventually honored. I succeeded in graduating from Harvard with good grades.

After graduating, he enrolled in the Naval Officer School again with his father Joseph's knack, and eventually became the captain of a patrol torpedo boat in the Solomon Islands.

In 1943, at the time of World War II, the torpedo boat P109 on which Kennedy was mounted was literally expelled by the destroyer Amagiri of the Empire of Japan, two hulls, Kennedy was caught by a fragment of the ship and survived from life. I have the experience.

After that, he was in distress, but he managed to be found and returned home safely. And again, Kennedy is celebrated as a hero against Japan for some reason because of his father Joseph.

Around the same time, his brother Joseph Patrick Kennedy died in the air over England, and the Kennedy family was taken over by JFK.

After World War II, he became a correspondent for the news agency again with his father Joseph's humor, and was later elected to the Chamber of Deputies at the age of 29 due to the abundant election funds of the Kennedy family, and subsequently served as a member of the federal parliament. ..

During this time, he was forced to recuperate due to his chronic spinal illness, and the book "Courageous People" that he wrote during that time won the Pulitzer Prize, but it is quite a topic from that time whether it was actually written by JFK. It seems that it was.

The Kennedy camp has an excellent staff member named Theodore C. Sorensen, who later became Kennedy's White House Counsel, and there has been suspicion that he wrote "Courageous People" from that time to the present. is doing. Furthermore, there were still doubts about receiving the Pulitzer Prize.

In fact, my father Joseph doesn't care about pretending to be, and it seems natural to think that there was a dark leap.

Eventually, Kennedy, along with his younger brother Robert, gained his fame for his work on the McLaren Commission and eventually challenged the 1960 presidential election.

The "McLaren Committee" is a committee that aims to uncover the coalition between criminal organizations and trade unions, and the Kennedy brothers made a name for themselves by reporting on the actions of mafia organizations such as drug smuggling routes. be.

However, on the other hand, the Kennedy family has a connection with the Mafia and is said to have been a kind of match pump, which may have contributed to the reason for the later assassination.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States after a fierce battle in history. At this time, the number of votes for Kennedy was 49.7%, the number of votes for Nixon was 49.5%, which was only a 0.12% difference, and the voter election was also a slight difference.

The 35th President of the United States

"Rather than asking what a country can do for you, ask what you can do for a country."

In 1961 Kennedy made his start as president with his famous inaugural address.

Kennedy, who became president, met with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to discuss German issues. Khrushchev asked Kennedy to withdraw from Berlin, but Kennedy refused, the talks broke down, and Soviet troops set up the Berlin Wall in Berlin.

Furthermore, in the Caribbean Sea, which can be said to be the backyard of the United States, the Cuban Revolution by Castro and Guevara was taking place, and a socialist government was about to be born in Cuba. In response, Kennedy formed an Alliance for Progress to prevent the socialist revolution from igniting other Latin American countries, but in 1962 it turned out that the Soviet Union had set up a missile base in Cuba. , The United States and the Soviet Union were in a state of immediate urgency, and the so-called "Cuban Missile Crisis" broke out.

It seemed that World War III had broke out, but Kennedy and Khrushchev softened their attitudes, and Khrushchev eventually removed the missile base, and a hotline was set up between them in 1963. Has a Partial Test Ban Treaty.

His father, Joseph, died in December 1961.

In the Far East, he decided to intervene in Vietnam to prevent communism in Southeast Asia, paving the way for the Vietnam War.

In addition, a special unit, the Green Berets, was set up in the United States and dispatched to the Asia-Africa region to make the United States hegemony roar to the world.

In Japan, the "New Frontier Policy" was adopted, and the following seven items were strengthened.

  1. Population New Frontier
  2. New Frontier of Survival
  3. New Frontier of Education
  4. New Frontier in Housing and Suburbs
  5. Science and Space New Frontier
  6. New Frontier of Automation
  7. Leisure New Frontier

The most famous domestically is support for the "civil rights movement" led by Rev. King, who has addressed the issue of black discrimination that has been shelved since Lincoln and has announced support for blacks.

Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

In 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

This incident, which is said to be the greatest mystery of the 20th century, shocked the world, and the criminal Harvey Lee Oswald was also killed by a person named Jack Ruby, who later died. The truth has not been clarified.

Since ancient times, there have been various theories such as national institutional theories such as the CIA and FBI, conspiracy theories of the Soviet Union, assassination by the military-industrial complex, and retaliation of the truncated Mafia, but it seems that JFK had many enemies. ..

The remaining family will soon be protected by a Greek millionaire, Alexander Onassis.

His younger brother Robert Kennedy was also assassinated in 1968.

Personal evaluation of Kennedy

Despite his short term, Kennedy left a big impression on the world. He is just as powerful an American president as Americans want, and his ability to execute is probably No. 1 in history.

On the other hand, there were many enemies. Many forces have opposed Kennedy, and there is constant talk that there may still be a true criminal behind him.

Will the day come when the truth will be revealed?