Ancient history

Bithynia | old quarter, Anatolia

Last updated:2022-07-25

Bithynia , an ancient area in the northwest Anatolia , borders the Sea of ​​Marmara , the Bosphorus and the Black Sea and thus occupies an important and precarious position between East and West. Late 2nd millennium v . Chr . Was Bithynia occupied by warlike tribes of Thracian origin who burdened Greek settlers and Persian envoys alike. Their remarkable pugnacity kept them from full Persian rule after the 6th century; Also, they never submitted Alexander the Great or his Seleucid successors. Up to the 3rd century v The small but powerful state had evolved from tribal government to Hellenistic kingship, reaching early 2nd century v . Chr . the pinnacle of his power . A century of inept leadership and rapid decline followed. Bithynia's last king, Nicomedes IV. , little more than a Roman puppet, bequeath 74 v . Chr . His kingdom to the Romans .

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