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Last updated:2022-07-25

Ögödei ("generous", Mongol Ögöödei, from ög-:give and -dei, derivation suffix), third son of Genghis Khan and his main wife Börte, born c. 1189, and second supreme khan of the Mongols from 1227 until his death in 1241. He set up an efficient post system in the vast Mongol Empire. His widow Töregene assumed the regency from 1241 to 1246, when their son Güyük was elected third supreme khan from 1246 to 1248.

Güyük's widow, Oghul Qaïmich assumed the regency until 1251, when supreme power passed to Mongka (reign 1251-1259) then to Khubilaï (reign 1260-1294), both sons of Tolui, the fourth and last son of Genghis Khan and Börte.

The Ögödéids, whose stronghold was centered on Mongolia, were subsequently completely removed from power.

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