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[Aburanokoji Incident] Shinsengumi vs. Former Shinsengumi! What is the end of the battle with your old friend?

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The "Shinsengumi" , which was formed in Kyoto at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate to maintain security, is still very popular today. ..

It was " Tennen Rishin-ryu ( " that the core members were in line in Edo before the formation of the Shinsengumi. Tennenri Shinryu ) Kendo Dojo Examination Hall ( Shieikan ) was.

Later director Isami Kondo ( Kondo Isami ) Sanya, Deputy Director, Hijikata Toshizo ( Hijikata Toshizo ) , And Soji Okita ( Okita cleaning ) There were also Sanra group leaders.

Among them, the leader of the 8th division, Heisuke Todo ( Heisuke Toudou ) There is.

However, for some reason, Mr. Heisuke left the Shinsengumi, and after that, sadly, he had to fight with the Shinsengumi members who had been with each other since the time of the test center.

That is the " Aburanokoji Incident ( " introduced this time. Oil Kojiken ) What is it?

Why "Shinsengumi vs Former Shinsengumi" Did a sad incident happen?

Let's go.

A brief introduction to the background of the formation of the Shinsengumi!

Edo is Ushigome, Tennen Rishin-ryu Swordsmanship Dojo / Seieikan!

Isami Kondo , the later director of the Shinsengumi, born in Tama, Musashi Province (currently Chofu, Tokyo) Mr. Miss.

Around 15 , Kondo Shusuke , the 3rd generation of Tennen Rishin-ryu Swordsmanship ( Kondou Shusuke ) He was adopted and later named his fourth generation.

At this test center, the core members of the Shinsengumi, who later became disciples and diners, were lined up.

Heisuke Todo Is one of them. He is about 10 years younger than Mr. Kondo.

The Edo Shogunate is the 14th Shogun, Iemochi Tokugawa ( Tokugawa Mochi ) With Mr. Joraku, "Roshigumi" for the protection of the shogun We are looking for.

The members of the test center who participated in this event went up to Kyo.

Shinsengumi is born!

When more than 200 Roshigumi arrive in Kyo, they are informed that the original purpose of the Roshigumi is not to protect the shogun, but to the emperor's troops.

This was planned by Hachiro Kiyokawa ( Kiyokawa Hachirou ) It means that even the shogunate was deceived by the person named Mr.

For this, Mr. Kondo, who was a "Samurai faction" who had an idea from the Shogunate, disagreed, left the Roshigumi, and newly " Roshigumi Mibu" with those who had the same idea. Pair ( Miburo Shigumi ) Was formed. The initial number of people was about 24.

Immediately after that, "Recruitment of First Soldiers" Will be done, and it will be a group of about 36 people.

Aizu feudal lord of Kyoto Shugoshoku, Matsudaira Katamori ( Matsudairakatamori ) The case of expulsion of the Choshu clan from Kyoto "Political change on August 18" New corps name "Shinsengumi" I received.

Ito Kashitaro enlisted in the recruitment of second soldiers!

The Shinsengumi prevented the Choshu clan's "plan to take the emperor to Choshu" "Ikedaya Incident" In addition, the Choshu clan also raised troops to recover their honor and fought in Kyoto "Kinmon Incident" , The success in these cases has raised the name and expectations of the shogunate.

Around this time, "Recruitment of Second Soldiers" We will grow into a group of over 200 people.

And later, the Shinsengumi vs. the former Shinsengumi will be triggered Kashitaro Ito ( I'm sorry ) "Shinsengumi Staff" It was welcomed as.

What is Kashitaro Ito?

Hitachi Province ( Hitachi no Kuni ) (Currently Ibaraki) Shizuki ( Shizuku ) Born as the eldest son of Tadaaki Suzuki, a feudal lord. He is the same age as Mr. Kondo.

However, his father ( ) with the elder Something ) He retired, and even his debt was revealed, and his family name was cut off.

Mr. Kashitaro (At this time, Okura ( Okra ) San) goes to Mito to study swordsmanship and scholarship. From around this time, he has been loyal to the emperor " Qin Wang Thought ( Kin no Ushiso ) Will have.

After that, Edo's " Hokushin Ittou style ( " Hokushin Ittoryu ) He entered "Kenjutsu Ito Dojo". He was recognized for his ability and became the son of the dojo owner.

Around 30 , Invited by Mr. Heisuke Todo, who was in the same class, "Recruitment of second soldiers" At that time, he joined the Shinsengumi with his younger brothers. At that time, he changed his name to "Ito Kashitaro" after "Koshi" in the year of Joraku.

Did you think differently from the Shinsengumi of the "Samurai school"?

Mr. Kashitaro will be greeted by the treatment of Shinsengumi No. 3 called "Staff".

This is the Shinsengumi president, Yamanami Keisuke , who has been with us since the time of the trial hall. ( Keisuke Yamanami ) I was in a higher position than Mr. Mr. Yamanami's "escape incident" that happened later and lost his position as an executive It is also mentioned as the cause of.

According to one theory, he was appointed as a staff member two years after joining the Shinsengumi, and was initially the leader.

In any case, expectations and expectations for Mr. Kashitaro, who was beautiful and well-educated, were high.

However, the Shinsengumi, who was entrusted to the Kyoto Shugoshoku Aizu clan, had an idea from the Shogunate, and on the contrary, Mr. Kashitaro, who learned the idea of ​​working in Mito, had an idea of ​​a defeat.

It was only a matter of time before there was a gap in the way of thinking.

It is said that Kashitaro's enlistment was originally intended to take over the Shinsengumi, which is gaining momentum due to activities such as the Ikedaya incident.

Furthermore, there is a theory that Todo Heisuke is also biting this one. I don't know the truth.

Decisive battle! Aburanokoji!

Goryo Guardian formed!

Two and a half years after joining the army, Kashitaro Ito finally left the Shinsengumi with 14 people each other, " Goryo Guardian ( Goryoeji ) Form an organization.

For the Shinsengumi, "If you take off the corps, you will be seppuku!" There was a rule, but Isami Kondo said that this was just to support the Shinsengumi from the outside. Sanya Hijikata Toshizo I persuaded Mr.

Mr. Hijikata seemed to be convinced on the surface, but because he couldn't trust him, he was the leader of the Shinsengumi Third Division, Hajime Saito . ( Hajime Saito ) He was made to sneak into the Imperial Guard as a spy.

Mr. Saito has not participated in the Roshigumi, but he has been with us since the time of the trial hall.

The Satsuma Domain and the Choshu Domain, which were the two major powers of the defeated faction, "Satsuma Alliance" It is probable that the momentum of the Shogunate faction began to strengthen and the plan to take over the Shinsengumi was also a failure.

Assassination of Kashitaro Ito!

"Satcho Alliance" , And return the administration from the shogunate to the imperial court " Taisei Hokan ( Taisei Hokan ) The hero of the end of the Edo period who achieved the big event at the end of the Edo period Ryoma Sakamoto ( Sakamoto Ryoma ) Will be assassinated by someone.

One theory is that Mr. Kashitaro had the same idea as Mr. Ryoma.

If that is true, "Bakumatsu hero" And "Shinsengumi traitor" Is the evaluation so different?

Only three days after Ryoma's assassination, from Mr. Hajime Saito, who was a spy on the Imperial Guard,

"Ito is planning to assassinate Director Kondo!" Information is entered.

Mr. Kondo made an excuse to have a consultation, and his own concubinage ( Concubinage ) We invite Mr. Kashitaro to his house to entertain.

There was a strategy to watch out for Mr. Kashitaro, who was a user of the Hokushin Ittou style.

Then, on his way home after being drunk, he was assassinated by several Shinsengumi members who were ambushed.

Kashitaro is "people who betray like-minded friends" And "cowardly thieves" It means,

" Gantt ( Kanzoku ) Roses! I screamed and died.

When you hear this word, do you even think that Mr. Kashitaro did not really betray the Shinsengumi?

Todo Heisuke dies!

The Shinsengumi, who assassinated Kashitaro, left his body as a decoy in Aburanokoji and hid himself to purge the rest of the Imperial Guards.

After a while, seven royal guards appeared to pick up the bodies, and 40 to 50 Shinsengumi soldiers surrounded them and a fierce battle began.

The Shinsengumi's tactic was to surround and attack with more people than the enemy. On the contrary, the famous "Ikedaya Incident" is a battle with four people against more than 20 enemies.

Heisuke Todo was also among the seven Imperial Guards.

From Mr. Kondo "Heisuke is still young and a good talent, so I want to help him!" Shinpachi Nagakura ( Shinpachi Nagakura ) And the 10th corps leader, Harada Sanosuke ( Haradasanosuke ) He paved the way for Heisuke to escape, but he was killed by another soldier who didn't know the circumstances.

Other than that, it is said that he was able to capture the intentions of Mr. Nagakura and others, but he could not abandon his comrades and was slashed by himself.

There is a survival theory that he survived this battle, but it seems that the credibility is weak.

Does the resentment of the Aburanokoji case lead to the execution of Isami Kondo?

Isami Kondo, shooting incident!

One month after the Aburanokoji incident, the remnants of the Imperial Guard ambushed Mr. Kondo on his way back from Nijo Castle and sniped Mr. Kondo on horseback. He seriously injured his right shoulder.

New government army vs old shogunate army "Battle of Toba-Fushimi" I was not able to participate in.

Isami Kondo, beheaded!

The former Shogunate army and the Shinsengumi, who are losing the battle with the new government army, will return to Edo and set up their headquarters in Nagareyama (currently Chiba) while recruiting soldiers.

However, the Shinsengumi surrounded by the new government army was siege by the director, Mr. Kondo, " Yamato Okubo ( ". Okuboyamato ) Change the name and surrender.

Mr. Kondo kept hiding his identity, but a former Goryo guardian was added to the new government side, and he was dismissed as "Shinsengumi director Isami Kondo", and finally decapitation It has become.

It was an incident in which the chain of ties was not unraveled to the end.

] [Shinpachi Nagakura]

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