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Who was Julius Caesar?

Last updated:2022-07-25

Gaius Julius Caesar he was a key figure in Roman history, thanks to his dictatorship there was a first approach to the monarchy, moreover he was a great leader who led his armies to the conquest of Germany, Britain, Gaul, Greece, Egypt and Pontus.

he Formed the first triumvirate with Gneo Pompeo Magno and Marco Licinio Crasso.

After the death of Crassus, his rise to power began in 49 BC. he went up the Rubicon with his legions and with the phrase "alea acta est" he started the civil war which he definitively won in 48 BC. becoming a dictator.

There are two extremely strong gestures of his dictatorship through which he is remembered, the first episode took place in one morning, someone had placed a diadem at the foot of the statue of Caesar, a symbol of Roman royalty, two tribunes of the plebs accused him of wanting to proclaim himself king of Rome, Caesar immediately summoned the senate and accused the two tribunes of having put the diadem on them to frame it and create confusion in the people, as punishment they removed the office of tribunes from him.
The second episode, the most important, is remembered as the episode of the Lupercals , during this Roman festival, which Caesar attended by the beaks, Licinus placed a golden diadem on his feet, the people urged Lepidus to crown Caesar, the latter hesitated, then Cassius placed the diadem on his knees without Caesar's consent , Anthony finally put it on the dictator's head saluting him as king, Caesar threw off the diadem and told the people that his name was Caesar and not King and ordered that it be placed on the head of the statue of Jupiter.

In 44 BC Caesar appointed Marco Antonio consul , this gesture caused resentment in Cassius who began to look for all the enemies that Caesar had made during his dictatorship, with the other people who wanted Caesar dead he began to organize a murder that took place on March 15, 44 BC, on the day of Ides of March .

It is said that before the assassination of Caesar there were various signs, strange noises were heard in the night, during a sacrifice Caesar could not find the heart of the beast he was killing, a sign of ill omen. Tradition has it that the night before the murder Caesar's wife had dreamed of holding her dead husband in her arms, Caesar himself dreamed of being with Jupiter in the sky, surrounded by clouds.

But the most striking sign was the inscription on the tomb of the founder of Capua Capi which read:" When the bones of Capi are discovered, a descendant of Iulus will be murdered at the hands of his kinsmen, and will immediately be avenged with great massacres and mourning for Italy. This descendant was Caesar.