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Bolshevik hell. 10 facts that will help you cure every supporter of communism [18+]

Last updated:2022-07-25

Tens of millions of brutally abused prisoners. Millions of fatalities. Ruthless torture, heartless sentences and the greatest destruction machine in the history of mankind. It is impossible to understand the crimes of communism. And even more so - to absolve.

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Every supporter of communism should be reminded that…

1. In the Soviet Union, tens of millions of people were sent to labor camps

Victims of labor camps and hunger. This is how the Polish pre-war press presented the visitors from the USSR.

The conditions there disregarded all human dignity. The prisoners could lose their lives at any moment. On the agenda were:hunger, disease, slave labor and the abuse of inmates (read more on this topic).

9. During their more than 70-year rule, the Bolsheviks murdered millions of innocent people

The infamous Butyrki prison. For killing a prisoner there, the hero of memories was promoted to executor.

Only during the great terror of the three The NKVD shot at least one and a half million citizens of the USSR. No one was spared. Men, women, old men and even teenage girls were killed by a shot in the back of the head.

8. The worst Bolshevik methods were transferred to other countries where the communists took power

Inmate of a Chinese labor camp.

This is what happened in China, for example. Camps for "re-education through work" were introduced there. It was hell on earth. They were in no way inferior to the worst Siberian labor camps, and you could have ended up there for any reason (read more about it).

7. It was Stalin who was responsible for the Katyn massacre

Graves of Polish generals murdered by the NKVD in Katyn.

Despite attempts to blame the Germans, it was the Red Tsar who ordered the murder of nearly 22,000 citizens of the Second Polish Republic. Only less than 400 Poles survived from the death transports (read more about this).

6. There was such a terror in the labor camps that during Stalin's lifetime there was a prisoner revolt only once

Gulag prisoners at work ... No wonder they rioted. Strange that only once!

The reason for the rebellion that broke out in January 1942 was a rumor that in the face of the German offensive, the NKVD would murder all prisoners. Despite the initial success, all participants eventually died. The aftermath of this event was a further tightening of the regime in forced labor camps (read more about this).

5. The fate of the Polish soldiers who found themselves in Bolshevik captivity in the years 1919-1920 was simply deplorable

Polish POWs murdered by the Bolsheviks.

Although it is hard to believe, the exact number of Polish soldiers captured by the Bolsheviks almost 100 years ago is still unknown. Many of them were murdered, the rest were sent to camps, where tragic living conditions, backbreaking work and a complete lack of medical care awaited them (read more on this topic).

4. The Soviets did nothing to conceal the truth about the Katyn massacre

Raoul Wallenberg. Another victim of the Katyn Massacre?

They were even ready to kidnap and murder a foreign diplomat. Such was the fate of Raoul Wallenberg. This secretary of the Swedish embassy in Budapest was arrested by the NKVD in January 1945 and deported to the USSR, where he was not heard of (read more about this).

3. Stalin was condemning the entire peoples of the Soviet Union to annihilation.

Yezhov's reports (on the left) contained such implausible accusations against Poles that even Stalin (on the right), paranoid, had to mitigate the head of the NKVD.

The first "nation to be punished" were Poles. During the 14-month campaign, over 111,000 people lost their lives. people. Another tens of thousands were sent to labor camps. They fell victim to bloody repression only because they were Poles (read more on this).

2. Raging terror led to the fact that in no country there were so many homeless orphans as in the USSR

Deprived of parents, home and sense of security, they had to cope somehow, even if that meant wandering in an unheated basement in winter.

Children whose parents were murdered or thrown into prisons and labor camps were called "bezprizornymi". They were mostly from 3 to 7 years old. During Lenin's time, their number reached six million. Homeless children organized into armed gangs, staged robberies and committed murders (read more on this).

1. The Bolshevik security service officers were characterized by unimaginable bestiality

The foreign spy and enemy of the nation falls victim to the Chekists. The "foreign spy and enemy of the nation" falls victim to the Chekists.

For example, the prisoners were poured with boiling water on their hands, and then their skin was torn off with "white gloves". Others were rolled naked inside barrels studded with nails directed inward. The torture of those arrested was also on the agenda (read more about this).

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