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The protagonist of Greek mythology! About the Great God Zeus (Jupiter Jupiter)

Last updated:2022-07-25

Zeus, the great god, appears in almost all the stories of Greek mythology, and also appears in the masterpiece literature of world history such as mythology, labor days, Agamemnon, and Aeneis.

The story of Greek mythology is that Zeus is cheating and his wife, Hera, is angry, and the children are pretty terrible.

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Let's take a look at Zeus, the 12 gods of Olympus, the main character of Greek mythology and the highest god of Rome, Jupiter!

From birth to becoming the main god

Every country has a founding myth, and whether it is a Japanese founding myth, a Norse myth, or a Chinese myth, the myth begins with how this world was first created.

In Greece, the world was born of chaos. At one point, Gaia, the Earth Mother Goddess, was born, and Uranus, the Tenjin, was born. Uranus and Gaia give birth to children one after another, but Uranus, who is thinking about self-protection, traps the children deep in the ground.

Meanwhile, Gaia succeeds in stealing Uranus's eyes and concealing and raising the newly born Cronus, and Cronus eventually overthrows Uranus.

Cronus marries his sister Rhea and gives birth to one after another, but this time Cronus swallows the children one after another, just like his father.

In trouble, Rhea succeeds in getting Kronos to swallow a stone on behalf of her newly born child. It was Zeus who survived in this way.

When Zeus received medicine from his grandmother Gaia, he asked his mother, Rhea, to give Kronos a drink. Then Kronos spit out the gods he had drank. This included Zeus' brothers Hades and Poseidon (Neptune), and his sisters Hera, Demeter and Metis.

The Olympian gods centered on Zeus succeeded in defeating Cronus. After that, he won the battle against the giants in Titanomachy, and after that, Zeus became a great god by drawing a lot of people, and the underworld was ruled by his eldest brother Hades, and the sea was ruled by Poseidon.

Zeus and his wife and children

Zeus's wife has a strong image of Hera, but her first marriage was with the Titan god Metis.

Titan is also the etymology of Titan Titanium, which stands for giant, but it is a term that refers to the children of Uranus and Gaia, and is also translated as a giant deity. In that sense, Cronus and Rhea can also be called Titan deities. The Titans that appear in Z Gundam also take their name from here.

The children of Zeus and Metis exceed Zeus! Zeus swallowed Metis because her grandmother Gaia made the prophecy, but for some reason Athens was born from her forehead.

Athens is the goddess of fighting, the origin of the name of Athens in Greece, and the goddess who caused the Trojan War.

After that, he married the goddess Themis, but in the meantime he proposed to Hera. Zeus did not seem to be able to resist his sister, Hera, as he would in the future, and divorced Themis. It seems that even the gods cannot get married.

Ares (Mars), the god of fighting, was born with Hera. Romulus, the first king of Roman kingdom, is said to be a child of Mars, and the name "Marx", which is often found in Rome, comes from Mars.

After that, as mentioned at the beginning, Zeus has an affair.

He has an affair with the goddess and also with a human female partner.

Olympian gods such as Apollo, Artemis, and Dionysus, and heroes such as Perseus and Heracles are also children of Zeus.

It is the god Zeus who lives completely in the lower half of the body!

Zeus's equipment and combat ability

Wearing the armor named "Shining", which is a special equipment for Zeus, the shield is the famous Aegis shield (Aigis shield), and the weapon is a sickle made of Adamantite made of the strongest material and the ground and the universe for a moment. It uses a thunder called Keraunos, which is said to burn in.

Its ability is the strongest among the Olympian gods, and it can be said that it has the strongest class of ability among all the gods.

In a nutshell, it's completely cheat.

With his power, he won the battle with his father (Titanomachy) and the battle with the Titan gods (Gigantomachy).

Her grandmother Gaia, who was once an ally, is dissatisfied with Zeus's deeds and creates the strongest monster Typhon with Tartarus.

Zeus is once defeated in front of the ultimate creature created by Gaia, who represents the earth, but succeeds in incapacitating Typhon due to the plot of the three goddesses of her destiny. According to Greek mythology, peace and stability were brought to the world.

The influence of the existence of Zeus on posterity

Zeus is, of course, a mythical character, but his presence has had a major impact on human history.

The Olympics were originally a celebration of Zeus, and later appeared in Homer's epic, which is said to have influenced all stories in the West, and Aeneid, the Roman best literature, which had a great influence on the Renaissance of posterity. Also appeared in.

The temple of Delphi, which enshrines Zeus's son Apollo, has always dominated Greek politics, and Alexander the Great decided to go on a great expedition with the oracle that he was actually Zeus's son.

Zeus's Latin English reading Jupiter is a word for Jupiter and can be said to have an impact on modern society.

Zeus is sometimes innocent, sometimes arrogant, sometimes justice, sometimes cruel, sometimes gentle, and a human god in both good and bad ways.

It may be the reason why such a part is loved by people beyond time and space.