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Exercises on the Crisis of the Roman Empire

Last updated:2022-07-25
question 1

What costs involved protecting the borders that formed the extent of the Roman Empire? And how did these costs hamper the growth of slaves in the Roman economy?

question 2

How did the decrease in the supply of slaves affect the great Roman rural properties?

question 3

To what extent did the retraction of the Roman economy determine the weakening of the defenses that took care of the borders of the territory?

question 4

Is it possible to make a connection between the crisis of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity? Justify your answer.

question 5

(OSEC) About the ruralization of the economy that occurred during the crisis of the Roman Empire, we can say that:

a) it was a consequence of the economic crisis and the insecurity caused by the barbarian invasions;

b) was the main cause of the lack of slaves;

c) provided the State with the opportunity to collect taxes more efficiently;

d) encouraged the growth of trade;

e) provided the cities with an increase in their wealth.

answers Question 1

Over time, the government had to spend more and more resources to preserve conquered territories with the formation of huge frontier armies. In this context, the conquest of new lands lost space for the preservation of territories already dominated. In this way, the Roman Empire began to experience great difficulties in obtaining a large number of slaves, since most of these were obtained through new military conquests.

question 2

Over time, large landowners found it difficult to buy slaves. The lack of these workers in the market imposed an increase in their price that ended up influencing the production costs of the property. Over time, no longer able to sustain a large property with many slaves, landowners began to lease part of their domains through the colonato system.

question 3

Based on the fact that economic activities generated income in the form of taxes for the government of Rome, we observed that the process of retraction established the reduction of resources to be used in the preservation of the border military forces. In this way, the civilizations that bordered the Roman Empire had the opportunity to enter the domains and conquer territories.

question 4

Yup. As this religion took hold, we realized that slavery came to be seen as a type of practice contrary to the values ​​of Christianity. After all, insofar as he saw his neighbor as a brother, the individual converted to Christianity no longer accepted slavery as an acceptable practice.

question 5

Letter A. As the barbarian invasions increased and the number of slaves decreased, several landowners began to lease part of their properties to freed slaves or patricians who left the cities in search of security and sustenance in the countryside.