Historical Figures

La Fayette Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch Gilbert Mottier, Marquis of (1757 - 1834)

Liberal, he joined Freemasonry and remained devoted to the Duke of Orleans. He distinguished himself alongside the insurgents during the American War of Independence (1777-1779). Back in France, he played a leading role as a liberal monarchist during the early years of the Revolution. Deputy for the nobility, he is head of the national guard, he took the oath to the Constitution on July 14, 1790, during the feast of the Federation. Passed over to the enemy after August 10, 1792, he was interned by the Austrians. Released in 1797, he did not resume his public life until 1814, as a deputy. Commander of the National Guard during the 1830 revolution, he contributed to the accession of Louis-Philippe, but soon became an opponent within the dynastic left.